Our Goal & Mission …

Every Organization has to start somewhere and at some point of time.The time to start and the reason to start is instigated by...

* A commitment in life.
* A vision which can be envisaged.
* And a cohesion of team work with a common goal.

To Deliver more value to Patients, Doctors, Traders & Business Associates. Our marketing focus is to provide Innovative, Appropriate & Quality dosage forms which would benefit a large sect of population. We are constantly driven by our commitment of providing Best Quality products to every one across all markets we operates.
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Events (India) …

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Corporate Office...


Sanjeev Kumar Gupta

281-B Vardhaman Grand Plaza,Mangalam Place, Rohini, New Delhi (110085) India.
Phone: +911165253254
email: telphacare@gmail.com


Pundari Baba

#1,Street 476, Toul Tum Pong 1 Khan Chamkarmon,Phnompenh,
Phone: +855(23)6314428, 02363128289, 023213504
Fax: +855(23)210351
email: vpbaba@telphainc.com


Vivek Sharma

138-B-1, Ground Floor, New University Avenue Road Bahan Township, Yangon Myanmar.
Mobile: +95 943064993
Phone : +951 553703
email : vivek@telphainc.com

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Our Clients...

We work closely with our clients to create and deliver the essential advantage             www.global-pharma.com they need to survive and thrive in a changing world. We have been involved                www.wallacepharma.com in our clients' most celebrated business episodes and bring foresight, deep                www.relivhealthcare.com functional expertise, and a practical approach to build capabilities and deliver            www.mascothealth.com real impact. Our clients expect exceptional results from us, and we succeed by           www.telphainc.in       being integral to their success.                                                                                    bnjlifesciences.com
                                                                                                                                   Medirose Drugs & Pha.
                                                                                                                                   Bit Pharma

Our Partners...

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Events (Mayamar) …

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104, First Floor, Khasra No 1124,
Rithala Rohini New Delhi 110085 INDIA

Near Bagga Link
Phone : 011-27043044
Email: telphacare@gmail.com
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Events (Cambodia) …

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