Marketing Solutions

Our offerings include developing South East Asia ,CIS & Africa centric "road map" and entry

strategy and working through the next level of questions linked to the execution of an entry

choice of the business model, identifying and recommending potential distribution partners,

supply chain model and execution.

The strategic framework would comprise of 4 phases that focus on specific issues of the

market entry:

A ) Market assessment.

B ) Business case development.

C ) Implementation roadmap.

D ) Go live.

Market Assessment

The market assessment is done using a mix of primary and secondary research with internal and external sources. It provides

the elements for a first Go/No Go decision point and the base documents of the business case development phase.Some of the

key questions we would ideally address in market assessment would cover the following:

A ) Regulatory assessment.

B ) Customer & Therapy area Assessment (Doctors).

C ) Competitive assessment.

D ) Distribution/channel assessment.

E ) Internal company assessment.


Business Case Development

This phase is the formalization of the information collected in phase I. This would be done in close collaboration with the

company, since assumptions need to be validated to produce coherent figures in the financial analysis. The following sections

of the analysis will be used to assess:

A ) Attractiveness of the market.

B ) Difficulties to enter in the market and the capabilities of the company to overcome them.

C ) Potential partners that could facilitate the entry (Distributor based/subsidiary based).

D ) Inorganic entry strategy through acquisition of small sized entity.

Business case would be derived to provide financial figures related to the identified opportunities for making final decision

regarding the use of partnership/acquisition model (comparison of sales achievement in different scenarios).

* Market Attractiveness.

* Ease of Entry.

* Partner Selection & Analysis.

* Ability to execute.


Implementation Roadmap

Within the implementation roadmap phase, we would negotiate the cooperation with the potential partners and establish

an agreement framework. This agreement will cover the structure of the cooperation as well as the roles and responsibilities

of the parties.We will also develop a strategic plan for the entry in the market and a detailed work plan (entry plan blueprint)

to implement the strategy. The purpose of these plans is to ensure that the strategy will produce success in the long run.


Go Live

Once strategy on market entry is firmed up, we can support with :

* Develop organizational structure and manage the changes related to the implementation.

* Take up business development initiatives - In-Licensing of differentiated products from India and European countries,

   manage alliances with all manufacturing & development partners.

* Provide all forms of regulatory assistance for new product registrations.

* Conceptualize and execute Marketing Plans for each country.

* Sales force recruitment and training.

* Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Management& devising investment plans to maximize ROI.

* Business Goal would be to reach in-country sales of US$ 1 million within the first two years of launch in each focus market.